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Domestic violence is a serious offense in Arizona! Domestic violence is a crime committed by one family member against another family member. A family member could mean your adopted brother's stepmother, so the term is used loosely (a list is provided below). Some charges are more serious than others depending on what happened, if a weapon was involved, or if there was an injury. As mentioned, domestic violence really centers around family relationships. If a crime is committed within a family relationship (the person who commits the crime has a family relationship with the person the crime is against) it will be given the name of domestic violence.

How Can you be Charged with Domestic Violence?

The following list is what the Court uses to determine whether a family relationship exists:
  • Married or formally married
  • Resides in the same household
  • Have a child together, even if adopted
  • Pregnant with child together
  • Family of a spouse or former spouse
  • Adopted family members
  • Step family, including step-parents, step-siblings, and other family members related to step family
  • Kids living in the same household and their families, including kids that previously lived in the same household
  • Involved in a romantic relationship
The State of Arizona describes Domestic violence as an act of abuse by one family member or member of a household to another. While domestic violence is often thought of as doing some sort of physical harm, the crimes are not always violent. In many cases, an individual can be charged with domestic violence simply due to a simple misunderstanding. Domestic violence charges include a handful of abuses including physical, sexual, economic control, emotional, and neglect. Types of crimes that fall under domestic violence include assault, battery, disorderly conduct, kidnapping, criminal trespassing, threatening, and witness intimidation.

Domestic violence cases cannot be dropped

Domestic violence cases cannot be dropped if the victim does not want to press charges. In this case, they are considered a witness and cannot drop the charges. This can be especially frustrating, especially if it is due to a misunderstanding. When such charges are filed, they can only be dropped by the prosecutor if approved by the judge.

Charges for domestic violence can vary greatly depending on the crime. It is best to speak to an Arizona criminal defense lawyer at Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers in Arizona to learn more about your particular case. For aggravated domestic violence cases, if you are convicted of a misdemeanor 3 times in an 84 month period, you can be charged with a felony. In such cases, you could serve as much as 30 months in jail. For more serious domestic violence where the victim is physically assaulted, you could serve anywhere from 5-15 years. A domestic violence treatment program is typically required for anyone charged with domestic violence as well.

If you have been charged you need an aggressive domestic violence attorney in Arizona to fight for your rights. Often domestic violence cases are a matter of simple misunderstandings and police trying to use their best judgment when making an arrest. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, you need a lawyer who understands the criminal law here in Arizona and has a history of success with criminal defense cases.

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