Arizona Pedestrian Accidents: What’s The Story?
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The state of Arizona is a popular tourist destination, but it also has one of the most dangerous roads in America. On average, one pedestrian is injured by a vehicle every 8 minutes and one person dies because of their injuries after every 2 hour interval. These incidents happen on highways near major metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Tucson. If you are involved in an accident in any capacity, you will need a criminal lawyer to get you out of this dicey situation.

Because of the high number of fatalities, Arizona was one of two states selected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to receive funding for pedestrian safety initiatives under the agency’s “Alert Today Alive Tomorrow” initiative. The state uses a portion of these funds for its Street Smart Pedestrian program (SSP), which is designed to educate the public on how to stay safe as a pedestrian.

Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents In Arizona

The leading cause of pedestrian injury or death in accidents is driver negligence. The driver may fail to see someone in their path or just can’t stop because the car is moving too fast. In some of these cases, the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol . Some pedestrians can also make unpredictable movements when crossing the street, and that results in an accident. Other causes include glare from the sun, dark clothing at dawn or dusk that prevents a person from being seen by drivers, distracted driving, and driver drowsiness.

What The Law Says About Auto Accidents In Arizona

Arizona law requires drivers to be vigilant when behind the wheel and always obey the speed limit. The state also has a “strict liability” rule for car accidents, meaning that any motorist can be held responsible if their negligence causes an injury, even if it is not intentional.

It is also worth noting that the term pedestrian does not just refer to people who are walking. A pedestrian can also be a person riding in or on a wheeled vehicle, such as a bicycle or skateboard. So, not only do motorists have a duty to look out for pedestrians on the road, they also have a duty to look out for other riders.

Pedestrians also have a duty to take reasonable care of their own safety. This means that they should not suddenly step out into traffic without first looking out for oncoming vehicles. If a motorist can prove that a pedestrian’s actions were unreasonable, they will not be held liable for any injuries they cause in an accident with them.

How They Determine Fault In Pedestrian Accidents In Arizona

To determine which party is at fault in an accident with a pedestrian, the court looks at who had the right of way and whether that person was using it when the collision happened. If both parties acted lawfully and responsibly before the accident occurred, neither party would be found at fault for causing the accident. The exception is when one person acts carelessly. If a driver fails to exercise reasonable care for their own safety, they can be charged with negligence regardless of whether the other party was also at fault.

For example, if a pedestrian enters an intersection at a pedestrian signal and the driver fails to slow down or stop to let them cross, that is negligence. Whether or not the person was jaywalking is irrelevant because they had the right of way at the time of the collision.

How To Protect Yourself As A Pedestrian

Pedestrians need to stay alert and know the rules of the road before crossing streets. This means wearing reflective clothing at night, using sidewalks and crosswalks when available, and obeying walk signals, whether you are at an intersection or not. Also, be aware that crosswalks do not automatically mean a right of way, so do not just assume you are safe to cross anywhere.

Pedestrians should avoid distractions while walking by putting away cell phones and other electronic devices that take their attention off the road. And if you are involved in an accident, you can explore your legal options by speaking with an attorney specializing in pedestrian accidents in Arizona.

What Compensation Is Available To Accident Victims In Arizona?

When a person is injured in an accident caused by reckless driving, they are entitled to significant compensation for their injuries. This means reimbursement for medical expenses, which may include stays in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well as therapy with surgery or other procedures.
In Arizona, the law states that anyone who has been hurt by a reckless driver is entitled to reimbursement for their pain and suffering. There is no set standard for this compensation, but it can be as high as $500,000, depending on the severity of the injuries sustained.

People with disabilities caused by accidents may also be eligible for benefits from Social Security Disability if they meet the Federal Government’s criteria. However, it is important to note that these benefits are not available to individuals with short-term disabilities lasting less than 12 months.
Arizona is a fault-based state. This means that an accident victim can only receive compensation if their share of responsibility is no more than 50%. This could change in the future if the Arizona legislature revises this law to allow victims some compensation, even if they were partially at fault for the accident.

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