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Last Modified: February 1, 2024
By: Thomas HogleOctober 26, 2022 | ,

Joining a university or college signifies newfound freedom for most students. Most students are either resuming classes, and other students are joining campus for the first time. The majority of the students are moving away from home and moving into dorms or apartments. Whenever student s join campus, parents and campus officials always stress the importance of maintaining safety. At Arizona State University (ASU), safety tips and protocols are provided to all students and are available on their school website. Failure to observe these safety protocols could easily land a student in trouble, and most end up needing the help of a criminal defense law firm.

ASU Security Measures

To enhance the security of all within its grounds, the ASU employs ASU Police and Tempe Police's help to conduct patrols. They mainly focus on the high traffic areas within the university like Apache Boulevard and McAllister Avenue, University Drive & College Avenue, and Apache Boulevard and College Avenue. Initially, these police agencies educate and spread safety awareness; they then give students warnings for minor infractions committed before giving citations for safety violations like traffic citations.

ASU’s Entertainment

The area around ASU's Tempe Campus has notable nightlife, especially along Mill Avenue and Tempe Beach Park, filled with entertainment joints such as restaurants, bars, and clubs. ASU has over 50,000 students; therefore, its students are the primary target markets of these entertainment joints. With these entertainment joints’ presence coupled with several big events taking place around the Tempe area, alcohol consumption among students is expected.

Crackdown on Criminal Activity

Our firm’s experience is that the ASU Police and the Tempe Police will often crackdown on alcohol-related violations such as underage DUI, minors in possession, underage drinking, and minors in consumption throughout the year. Aside from an increased potential of impaired driving, other criminal activities related to alcohol like disorderly conduct, theft, aggravated assault, sexual assault, and robbery also increase. It is essential to encourage our students to stay safe both inside and outside the campus grounds. It is also important to remind students that they should drink responsibly and maintain a designated driver whenever they attend parties.

How We Can Help You

Canyon State Law operates within the Tempe area, and due to our proximity with ASU, we have represented ASU students in several cases. The most common issues brought to our attention mainly involve underage drinking, minors in consumption, marijuana possession, fake IDs, and DUIs. We have also handled several serious violations like theft and assault. When a student is accused of committing a criminal offense, they need to be represented by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. This is because the ASU and the government take these cases seriously, and the consequences could be severe.

Some of the consequences that guilty students face include jail time, community work service, fines, probation, alcohol screening, suspension, expulsion, loss of scholarships, and exclusion from sports teams. In most cases that Canyon State Law has handled, we have represented many ASU students and other young people involved in those cases.
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