Aggressive Driving Gilbert

Aggressive driving is where a person (1) drives at an unreasonable speed, at a speed 20 mph or more above a posted speed limit, 35 mph or more approaching a school crossing, or above 85 mph generally, and (2) at the same time commits at least two more driving violations. Other violations included under ARS 28-695 include running a red light, unsafe lane change, following a vehicle too closely, failure to yield, and passing another vehicle by driving off the road.


Driving aggressively is deemed as a class 1 misdemeanor in Arizona. A class 1 misdemeanor can incur up to 6 months in jail, or a maximum fine of $2,500.
In the case of aggressive driving, if convicted, your license will be suspended for 30 days, and you will have to attend a traffic survival course aimed to promote good driving behaviors and responses.
If you reoffend within a 24 month period, you will once again be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. You may need to attend further driving classes, and your license will be suspended for one year.

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