How to Identify a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

When you find yourself looking for a criminal defense attorney, you can be overwhelmed and reach out to the closest available lawyer. However, this may not be appropriate as attorneys differ in their areas of practice as well as specialization. Attorneys can specialize in different practice areas including probate (wills), property law, civil law, and criminal law attorneys’. It is important to know the different areas of practice although almost every lawyer can point you in the right direction. We have developed this list of qualities to look for to identify a good private criminal defense attorney for your case.

Criminal Attorneys vs. Civil Attorneys

Civil and criminal law attorneys differ in several ways, the most basic being their areas of practice. A civil attorney practices in civil matters which are mostly cases between two or more private parties. These include disputes between people or involving a corporation. A criminal attorney on the other hand deals in criminal matters which arise when a person is charged with a criminal offense by a government, either at local, state, or federal levels. In practice, criminal attorneys tend to specialize in limited geographical areas either on their own or in small practices. Civil attorneys in contrast usually practice in larger law firms that may have a presence in multiple cities or even nationally. Similarly, civil attorneys tend to represent bigger clients such as corporations while criminal defense attorneys represent individuals.

Local Knowledge

When facing criminal charges in a specific court, you should try to hire a criminal defense attorney that has knowledge and practice in that specific court. While laws and procedures may be similar in the area or even the state, it helps to have experience with the specific court where the case will be heard. This is very beneficial to the client as the attorney will know the approach and temperament of court officials such as the judge and the prosecutor. This will help them decide whether a plea bargain is a good idea or whether the client will benefit most from hearing the matter out in court. A local criminal defense attorney will be aware of the police practices and liaise with them to ensure a fair presentation of the facts of the case. A local attorney is the best criminal defense option as they often have experience practicing with the local law enforcement as prosecutors, district attorneys, public defenders, or city attorneys.

Personal Factors

The primary role of a criminal defense attorney is to represent the accused person throughout the trial. This includes speaking on behalf of the accused person and prevent them from making procedural mistakes such as self-incrimination. As the mouthpiece of the accused person, the attorney and the accused person must be on the same page. It is important to identify whether the accused person can be open with the attorney and whether they trust them to act in their best interests. These qualities vary from attorney to attorney but ought to be considered for every potential attorney. For criminal defense attorneys that will give you the best representation in Chandler, contact

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