Misconduct Involving Explosives Mesa

Misconduct involving explosives includes three different situations. First, where a person has more than fifty pounds of explosives within a mile of city limits. Second, where a person has any blasting powder within 200 feet of a place that keeps explosives. And third, where a person keeps or ships explosive in a package that is not clearly marked with the name and character of the explosive and the date it was made. The law does not generally apply to a person who legally deals with explosives or blasting powder as part of their business.


In Arizona, depending of course on the nature and severity of the offence in question, misconduct involving explosives is usually designated as a class 1 misdemeanour.
A class 1 misdemeanour is the most serious of the misdemeanour tiers and is one level below a class 6 felony. A jail sentence can be handed down for class 1 misdemeanours, usually within the range of six months. However, if this is a first time offence, or mitigating circumstances are provided by the defense team, then a custodial sentence is unlikely. If jail time is to be served then the court may decide an individual charged with a misdemeanour must serve their full sentence, and will not be eligible for an earlier release date.
The defendant may also face a fine, and in the case of this level of misdemeanour, this may not exceed $2,500.

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