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ARS 5-397 makes it a crime for a person to drive a motorized watercraft if they drink alcohol before or while driving the watercraft, and as a result have an alcohol level of 0.15 or more within two hours of driving the watercraft.

For example, say Jon has a few drinks and then decides to take his jet ski out for a ride. Jon returns home around noon. If Jon is found with a blood alcohol level of .19 at 1:30pm due to the drinks he consumed before jet skiing, Jon could be charged with a violation of ARS 5-397.


If your blood alcohol concentration is found to be above 0.15, then you would be deemed to be under ‘extreme influence’ by a court of law within Arizona. This offense is assessed at a class 1 misdemeanor, and you will face a minimum of 30 days in jail to be served consecutively before release. You may also incur a minimum fine of $250, with further fines of around $1,000, as well as face court ordered community restitutions.
If you reoffend within an 84 month period, then you will be required to serve 120 days in jail, with at least 60 days to be served consecutively. Defendants will face fines of $500, with the potential for further charges to be incurred. Finally, community restitutions will be required to be served.

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