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Theft Lawyer in Surprise AZ
Theft Lawyer in Surprise AZ
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Theft Attorney in Surprise Arizona

As a criminal defense attorney, we help those that have been charged with Theft in Surprise AZ. Theft is where a person (a) keeps another person’s property without permission; (b) uses the property or services of another person in a way they do not have permission to; (c) receives services or property in a dishonest way; (d) receives stolen property; or (e) steals services that for themselves or another person. Theft also includes the situation where a person finds lost property or receives a delivery meant for someone else, and makes no effort to notify the rightful owner. A person who takes a vulnerable adult’s property while acting in a position of trust may also be charged with theft. A vulnerable adult is an adult who cannot protect them self from abuse because of some physical or mental disability.

Charged with Theft – We Can Help

At Canyon State Law, it’s our mission to help those that have been charged with a misdemeanor in Arizona. Our criminal defense attorneys would love to sit down or discuss by telephone your options if you or a loved one has been charged with committing Theft. Contact our law firm office in Surprise AZ for your complimentary legal consultation.

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