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Our criminal defense attorneys have unparalleled experience handling all types of criminal cases. With our Phoenix criminal defense attorney in your corner, you know you have the robust defense you expect and deserve. Learn more about Arizona criminal law below. Then, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyer to schedule a case consultation.
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Genesis Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyers is a renowned law firm committed to providing exceptional defense representation for clients facing criminal charges and DUI offenses. With a track record of success and a team of highly skilled attorneys, they offer comprehensive legal solutions tailored to each client's unique circumstances.

Whether a minor misdemeanor or a complex felony, Genesis Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyers relentlessly advocate for their clients' rights and strive to secure the best possible outcomes.

Our dedication to staying updated with the latest legal developments, combined with their strategic approach, enables them to build strong cases that stand up in court. With compassion, integrity, and a deep understanding of the legal system, Genesis Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyers ensure that clients receive the representation they deserve.

We Always Put the Needs of Our Clients First

The mission of Genesis Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyers is clear: to protect every client's rights and future. As a client-centered firm, we prioritize communication and transparency, ensuring clients are well-informed at every stage of their case.

Our team's expertise spans various criminal charges, from drug offenses and theft to assault and DUI cases, and they are always prepared to go the extra mile to achieve favorable results. Clients can rely on Genesis Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyers to provide a strong defense, meticulously investigate their cases, and navigate the complexities of the legal system on their behalf.

With unwavering dedication and a proven record of success, Genesis Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyers have earned the trust of countless clients, making them a leading authority in criminal defense and DUI representation.

We Can Help You Even Before You've Been Charged

If you think you might be charged with a crime, getting help early can make a big difference. Our team can start defending you before charges are filed by talking to investigators and ensuring they hear your side of the story. This early action can sometimes prevent charges from being filed in the first place. If charges do get filed, we'll already be one step ahead, having gathered information and prepared a defense strategy.

Being proactive about your defense shows the prosecution you're serious about fighting accusations. Our attorneys can also help protect your rights during the investigation, ensuring you don't say or do anything that could later hurt your case. This early involvement can be crucial in shaping the direction of your case and even its outcome. Don't wait until charges are filed; getting a head start can provide a significant advantage in your defense.

We Always Put the Needs of Our Clients First

A criminal charge is your ticket to the very foreign world of criminal justice. Attorneys, judges, prosecutors, bailiffs, advocates, flat fees, waivers, motions, and agreements can cause uncertainty and hundreds of paths to follow. We are here to join you in this world. We will find the best outcome possible, but equally important; we will reduce the stress and unseen penalties caused by your criminal case.

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Highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to clients facing criminal charges and DUI offenses.
How Bail Is Determined
Bail is set during a court appearance shortly after an arrest. The judge decides the amount based on several factors, including the severity of the crime, the defendant's criminal history, the likelihood of fleeing, and the potential threat to the community. The purpose of bail is not to punish but to ensure that the defendant appears for future court dates. Judges often refer to standard amounts set for specific crimes but can adjust these based on the circumstances of the case and the defendant's profile.
In cases where the judge considers the risk too high, bail might be denied, especially for severe crimes or if the defendant has a history of skipping court dates. For less serious offenses or first-time offenders, bail can be lower, and sometimes release on one's recognizance is allowed, meaning no money is required to be released. Understanding how bail works and what factors influence its amount can help prepare for the process. An experienced criminal defense practice attorney can argue for a lower bail amount or release without bail based on an assessment of the case and the defendant's background. Our criminal defense representation is with you every step of the way.
We Go Above and Beyond Courtroom Arguments
Our commitment to our clients extends beyond traditional courtroom defenses. We understand that legal battles can be emotionally draining and impact all areas of your life. That's why we offer comprehensive support, guiding you through each step of the process and ensuring you're prepared for what lies ahead. Our goal is to defend your legal rights and help you manage the stress and uncertainty that come with criminal charges.
In addition to legal representation, we provide advice on managing the repercussions of your case on your personal and professional life. From public relations strategies to counseling referrals, we consider all aspects of your well-being. We believe in a holistic approach to defense that addresses both the immediate legal challenges and the broader impacts on your life. With us, you gain a legal defender and a dedicated support system throughout your legal journey.
Can hiring a criminal defense attorney early change the outcome of my case?
Yes, early intervention by a criminal defense attorney can significantly influence the outcome of your case, potentially leading to reduced charges or even preventing charges from being filed.
How can an attorney help if I'm innocent of the charges against me?
A criminal law specialist can help prove your innocence by gathering evidence, securing witness testimonies, and building a strong defense to present in court, ensuring the truth is heard.
What should I do if I can't afford bail in Arizona?
If you can't afford bail, your attorney can request a bail reduction hearing to argue for a lower amount or your release on your recognizance based on your circumstances.
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Why You Need an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney To Fight for You

Expertise in Arizona Law
Arizona's criminal laws are complex and constantly changing. An experienced attorney stays updated on these changes and knows how to use the law to your advantage.
We Will Fight for You
We operate on a 'no win, no fee' basis, which means we only receive payment when you do. This aligned partnership underscores our confidence in delivering results for our clients.
Strategic Defense Planning
Criminal offenses vary and are unique, requiring a tailored defense strategy. Our team of attorneys is your legal advocate, and they analyze every detail to build the strongest possible defense for your situation.
Protection of Your Rights
Your rights are at risk from the moment of arrest. A criminal defense attorney ensures your rights are protected throughout the legal process, from dealing with the police to arguing in court.
Negotiation Skills
Many criminal cases are resolved through plea bargains. Our attorneys have the negotiation skills to secure a favorable deal, potentially reducing charges or penalties.
Trial Experience
If your case goes to trial, having an attorney with courtroom experience is crucial. Our lawyers are seasoned in trial advocacy, ready to fight for a not-guilty verdict. We want to keep you from having a criminal record.
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