Glendale Criminal Defense Attorney

Last Modified: March 20, 2024
Glendale Criminal Defense Attorney

At Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers, we have helped countless clients navigate the Glendale, AZ criminal justice system. While criminal law is vast, we have the experience you need to ensure your rights are protected. Our Glendale criminal defense lawyers always put the needs of our clients first. Now, we will do the same for you.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys firmly believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This includes you. Whether you have been accused of domestic violence or a drug crime, our Glendale criminal lawyers are here to fight for you. Learn more about Glendale criminal cases below. Then, contact our criminal and DUI lawyers to schedule a consultation.

Rely on Our Respected Glendale Criminal Defense Attorney To Defend You

As a criminal defense lawyer, Thomas Hogle fulfills many important roles during a criminal case. He or she defends a person who is charged with a crime and speaks on the client's behalf. We play this essential role for our clients charged with crimes in Glendale, Arizona.

The Duties of Our Glendale, AZ Criminal Defense Law Firm

A criminal defense attorney's duties include discussing your case's progress and engaging in discussions with the prosecuting attorney. We may want to explore potential plea agreements. These negotiations could lead to a more favorable outcome for you, including reduced charges or lesser penalties.

We will defend you in court if a plea deal does not suit your case. During a trial, the prosecution and your defense team will present their arguments and evidence to a judge and jury. The jury will then assess the presented evidence and arguments to determine your guilt or innocence regarding the accused charges.

If you were arrested or charged with a crime in Glendale, your trial will take place in the Glendale Municipal Court at 16081 N Civic Center Plaza, Glendale, AZ 85374, or the Maricopa County Superior Court at 201 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003

At Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers, we believe that every case is different, so our fees are different for each client.

Our Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Intercede Before Criminal Charges Are Filed


Our Glendale criminal defense lawyers have the skills and knowledge to step in even before charges are officially filed against you. They can communicate with law enforcement and the prosecutor's office on your behalf to present your side of the story and potentially prevent charges from being filed. Early intervention can make a significant difference, providing an opportunity to influence the outcome before the legal process formally begins. By taking proactive steps, our lawyers can work to mitigate the situation, aiming to reduce the severity of potential charges or even prevent them altogether.

Getting a legal team involved is recommended when you suspect you might be facing criminal charges. A criminal defense lawyer can gather crucial evidence, secure witnesses, and build a preliminary defense strategy that can be invaluable later. This early defense effort can potentially stop charges from being filed and put you in a stronger position if the case proceeds. Our early involvement demonstrates to prosecutors and law enforcement that you are serious about defending your rights, potentially deterring aggressive legal actions against you.

What To Expect During Your Arrest in Glendale, AZ

  1. Law Enforcement Notification:First, a law enforcement officer will inform you that you are being arrested. They should clearly tell you the reason for your arrest.
  2. Miranda Rights:You will be read your Miranda rights, which include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. It's important to listen carefully and understand these rights.
  3. Custody and Transport:After your arrest, you'll be taken into custody and transported to a police station or Glendale city jail. Here, you will be booked and processed.
  4. Booking Process:During booking, your personal information and the details of the alleged crime will be recorded. Fingerprints and photographs will likely be taken at this time.
  5. Phone Call:You're typically allowed to make a phone call. It's wise to use this call to contact a family member, friend, or attorney.
  6. Bail Hearing:If applicable, a bail hearing will be scheduled to decide if you can be released from custody before your trial. Having an attorney present can be beneficial during this hearing.
  7. Arraignment:Lastly, you'll have an arraignment, where the charges against you will be formally presented. At this point, you'll have the opportunity to enter a plea. Your lawyer can advise you on the best plea to enter based on your situation.

How The Judge Decides How To Set Your Bail

How The Judge Decides How To Set Your Bail

When setting bail, a judge considers several key factors to ensure fairness and public safety. These include the severity of the alleged crime, your criminal history, and the likelihood that you'll appear for future court dates. The judge also assesses any potential threat you might pose to the community if released. The primary goal of bail is to guarantee that you return for your court proceedings, not to punish you before a verdict is reached.

Judges often refer to bail schedules that suggest standard amounts for different charges but have the discretion to adjust bail based on the specifics of your case, including your ties to the community and financial situation. Sometimes, a judge may decide to release you on your own recognizance, meaning you promise to return to court without paying bail. Your attorney can argue for lower bail or OR release, highlighting factors like your strong local connections or lack of prior offenses. The right legal representation is crucial in persuading the judge to set a fair bail amount.

When Should I Take a Plea Bargain?

Deciding to plead guilty is a big decision that depends on many factors in your case. You should discuss it carefully with your lawyer, who understands the details and can guide you. Sometimes, a plea bargain can mean a lighter sentence than if you went to trial and lost, but it also means admitting to a crime.

Your lawyer will examine the evidence against you, the possible penalties if you're found guilty at trial, and your situation. They will help you weigh the pros and cons of a plea bargain. Ultimately, the decision to accept a plea bargain should be made when it offers a clear benefit to you, reducing the risk of a harsher outcome if the case goes to trial.

The Benefits of Partnering With Our Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Expert Legal Knowledge:Our lawyers are well-versed in Arizona's criminal laws and courtroom procedures, ensuring competent handling of your case.
  • Strategic Defense:We develop a personalized defense strategy for your case, considering all the specifics and nuances needed to advocate effectively.
  • Protection of Rights:Our team is dedicated to protecting your rights throughout the legal process, from arrest to trial.
  • Negotiation Skills:Our attorneys are skilled negotiators, often securing plea deals that reduce your charges or penalties.
  • Emotional Support:Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming; our team provides legal representation and emotional support.
  • Trial Preparedness:Our experienced lawyers are prepared to fight vigorously for your acquittal if your case goes to trial.
  • Clear Communication:We ensure you're informed about every aspect of your case and understand your options, keeping you involved in the decision-making process.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation

We are located in Glendale, AZ, and offer a free legal consultation with a criminal defense lawyer about your criminal charges.


Speaking to the police without an attorney present can be risky and may harm your case. It's best to consult with a lawyer before engaging in any conversation with law enforcement.

You should hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest. Early legal representation can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

If you can't afford bail, your attorney can request a bail reduction hearing to argue for a lower amount or for your release on recognizance, depending on your circumstances.

Contact a Glendale Criminal Defense Attorney With Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers for a Case Consultation

At Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers, we would be honored to review your case. From your preliminary hearing to other court appearances, we represent clients every step of the way. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our criminal and DUI defense lawyers will safeguard your rights. Do not wait for a criminal charge to be filed. Contact our law office to schedule a case consultation as soon as possible.

Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers - Glendale, AZ Office

7111 W Bell Rd., Suite 104B, Glendale, AZ 85308 (602) 726-9955

All initial consultations are free, and we will help you quickly determine what you should do with your pending criminal misdemeanor charges. Our misdemeanor attorneys and staff are friendly and understanding of your situation.

We can help you if you have been arrested and charged with any of the following misdemeanor crimes in Glendale, Arizona:

  • DUI
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Extreme DUI
  • Super Extreme DUI
  • DUI Admissible Evidence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Endangerment
  • Threatening or Intimidation
  • Assault
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Unlawful Imprisonment
  • Dogs Not Permitted at Large
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Public Sexual Indecency
  • Contributing to Delinquency or Dependency
  • Child Molestation
  • Criminal Trespass First Degree
  • Criminal Trespass Second Degree
  • Criminal Trespass Third-Degree
  • Criminal Damage
  • Theft
  • Prostitution
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Cruelty to Animals
  • Harassment
  • Failure to Appear
  • Resisting Arrest
  • False Reporting
  • Boating DUI
  • Boating DUI Extreme
  • Drag Racing
  • Criminal Speeding
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Hit and Run
  • Drug Crimes
  • Possession, Use, Sale, or Transport of Prescription Drugs
  • Possession or Sale of Regulated Chemicals or Equipment
  • Possession with Intent to Use Imitation-Controlled Substances
  • Possession with Intent to Use Imitation Prescription Drug
  • Possession with Intent to Use Imitation Over the Counter (OTC) Drug
  • Misconduct Involving Weapons
  • Misconduct Involving Explosives
  • Probation Violation
  • Shoplifting
  • Professional License Defense

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