Arizona Extreme DUI Lawyer

Last Modified: March 20, 2024
Arizona Extreme DUI Lawyer

If you are facing potential extreme DUI charges, you might be wondering what to do next. The penalties for an extreme DUI conviction are stiff under Arizona law, but you don't have to face these charges alone. At Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers, we understand the grave nature of such an elevated blood alcohol concentration. Our Phoenix extreme DUI lawyer will give you the strong defense you deserve.

Extreme DUI penalties are harsh and could include an ignition interlock device, license suspension, and even a potential jail sentence. You need an experienced DUI attorney to defend you against this allegation. Learn more about an extreme DUI charge below. Then, contact our Arizona extreme DUI defense attorney for a case consultation.

How Our Arizona Extreme DUI Lawyer Can Fight for You

Having our specialized lawyer by your side can make a difference when facing extreme DUI charges in Arizona. They understand the ins and outs of DUI laws and will tirelessly work to protect your rights and aim for the best possible outcome. Our lawyer can challenge the evidence against you, from questioning the accuracy of the breathalyzer test to the legality of the traffic stop itself. With their legal know-how, you can reduce the charges or, in some cases, get them dismissed altogether.

Our Arizona extreme DUI lawyer knows that every detail counts in these cases. They will meticulously review the police report, witness statements, and any available video evidence to build a strong defense for you. By identifying procedural mistakes or rights violations, our lawyer can create a strategy that challenges the prosecution's case against you. Rest assured, our lawyer is dedicated to offering you a robust defense that seeks to secure your freedom and future.

Extreme DUI in Arizona: What To Know

ARS 28-1382 makes it illegal for a person to drive under the extreme influence of alcohol, meaning with a blood alcohol level of .15 or more. Even a person who tests above a .15 alcohol level within two hours of driving their car may be charged with driving under the extreme influence of alcohol, depending on the circumstances. With one of the toughest DUI laws in the country, an extreme DUI in Arizona can mean fines and penalties as well as jail time. A DUI is qualified based on your blood alcohol. We have been serving clients as extreme DUI Lawyers at Canyon State Law Firm in Arizona and know what it takes to win your case.

What is an "Extreme DUI" in Arizona?

What is an "Extreme DUI" in Arizona?

A DUI is considered "extreme" if your blood alcohol level is at least 0.15 within 2 hours of operating a vehicle. You will face suspension of your license, fines, and jail time when convicted. You will also have to pay for an interlock device to be installed in your vehicle and will need to undergo alcohol abuse treatment. For a first-time conviction, you face fines amounting to over $2,000. That doesn't include having to pay for an interlock device to be installed in your vehicles. You will also likely end up serving community service. An Extreme DUI needs to be handled differently than a first-time DUI Attorney would handle it. There is way more on the line; be sure to hire the right DUI lawyer. Reach out to us to schedule a case consultation.

Second Offense - Extreme DUI

For a second Extreme DUI offense within five years of your first offense, you will face at least 120 days in jail and over $3,000 in fines. Once again, this does not include the installation of an interlock device. Plus, your license can be revoked for 12 months, and you will serve community service.

It's no secret that Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country. You can have your license suspended before you've even been convicted. When fighting for your rights after you've been charged with a DUI, you need an Arizona DUI attorney who understands how to be successful and get things done in a DUI case in Arizona. At Canyon State Law Firm, we can help you defend your rights and help you get what you deserve. Contact us for your free consultation.

Why the Penalties for an Extreme DUI Are Stiffer

Why the Penalties for an Extreme DUI Are Stiffer

The penalties for an extreme DUI in Arizona are harsher because these cases involve higher blood alcohol content (BAC) levels than standard DUIs. This higher level of impairment poses a greater risk to public safety, which is why the law comes down harder on these offenses. Penalties can include lengthy jail time, substantial fines, and the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. These measures are intended to deter the offender and the wider community from driving under the influence.

Being convicted of an extreme DUI not only affects you legally but also has lasting impacts on your personal and professional life. It can lead to job loss, increased insurance costs, and even difficulties in finding employment in the future due to the criminal record it leaves. The social stigma attached to such a conviction can also strain personal relationships. That's why it's important to have a skilled lawyer who can navigate the complexities of your case and work towards minimizing these penalties.

Prior DUI Convictions Can Impact the Penalties

If you have prior DUI convictions, the penalties for an extreme DUI become even more severe. The law in Arizona mandates stricter punishments for repeat offenders to discourage recurrent DUI incidents. This could mean even longer jail sentences, higher fines, and extended periods with an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. It emphasizes the state's commitment to reducing drunk driving and protecting public safety.

Our lawyer considers your previous DUI history when building your defense. They understand the implications of past convictions and strategize accordingly to mitigate the impact on your current case. This might involve negotiating for reduced penalties or challenging the validity of prior convictions. We aim to present your case in the best light possible, aiming for outcomes that favor rehabilitation over punishment.

We Have Options for Your Defense

We Have Options for Your Defense
  • Challenging the breathalyzer accuracy: We can question the calibration and operation of the breathalyzer used during your arrest. Faulty equipment or improper use can lead to inaccurate readings, providing grounds for dismissing evidence. We will challenge the validity of any DUI test results.
  • Examining the legality of the traffic stop: Our defense includes scrutinizing the reasons for the traffic stop. The evidence gathered can be challenged if the stop was made without probable cause.
  • Exploring procedural errors: We'll look for any mistakes made during your arrest or processing. Errors in handling your case can lead to a reduction or dismissal of charges.
  • Negotiating plea deals: When appropriate, we can negotiate with prosecutors for a plea deal that minimizes the penalties. This might involve lesser charges or alternative sentencing options.
  • Presenting mitigating circumstances: We'll highlight factors that could reduce the severity of your punishment. This could include your background, lack of prior offenses, or specific circumstances surrounding your case.


An extreme DUI charge in Arizona is given when a person's BAC is way above the legal limit. The state specifies this as a BAC of 0.15% or higher, which is almost twice the standard DUI threshold. Remember, the prosecutor must prove you had actual physical control of the vehicle.

While you can technically refuse a breathalyzer test, doing so can lead to immediate penalties such as license suspension. It's important to understand the consequences of refusal before making your decision.

For an extreme DUI conviction in Arizona, an ignition interlock device is typically required to be installed on your vehicle for at least one year. This period can vary depending on the specifics of your case and any prior offenses.

Contact Genesis Dui & Criminal Lawyers for Your Arizona Extreme DUI Lawyer

Contact Genesis DUI & Criminal Lawyers for Your Arizona Extreme DUI Lawyer

At Genesis DUI & Criminal Lawyers, we are proud to serve the local community. We are located in Arizona, with locations across the East Valley. Our law office always offers a free legal consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Arizona to discuss your DUI charges. Extreme and super-extreme DUI penalties can be serious, but you have options. We are here to defend your rights and ensure your voice is heard. Contact us today to schedule a case consultation.

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