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Types of Defenses in Criminal Law
James Hansen - June 7, 2024 - Criminal Defense
When you face criminal charges, the defense strategy chosen can seriously impact the outcome of your case. In criminal law, defenses are critical tools to challenge the prosecution's claims and protect your rights. Depending on the the specifics of your case, your criminal defense lawyer might employ various defenses. Understanding these options can e...
How to Handle False Accusations of Sexual Assault
James Hansen - June 5, 2024 - Blog
Finding yourself falsely accused of sexual assault is an intensely stressful and frightening experience. It can throw your life into disarray, affecting your reputation, personal relationships, and career. These accusations can come suddenly and often without warning, leaving you unsure what to do next. It's important to handle the situation carefully...
DUI Felony Charges
James Hansen - June 4, 2024 - DUI
Facing a DUI felony charge is a serious and potentially life-altering situation. When an individual is charged with a DUI felony, it means that their actions while driving under the influence have met certain criteria that elevate the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. This can be due to various factors, including prior DUI […]...
Child Molestation Charges
James Hansen - June 3, 2024 - Sexual Offenses
Facing child molestation charges is an extremely serious and distressing situation that can lead to severe legal consequences and social stigmatization. These charges involve allegations of engaging in sexual activities with a minor, which the law treats with utmost severity. If you find yourself accused, it is important to understand the nature of th...
What to Do If You Are Arrested
James Hansen - June 2, 2024 - Personal Cases
Being arrested can be a confusing and stressful experience, but knowing what to do can substantially impact the outcome. First and foremost, it's important to stay calm and remember that you have rights designed to protect you. Your actions and words during the arrest can affect your case, so it's important to be mindful. Knowing […]...
DUI Programs: How It Works and What To Expect
James Hansen - February 28, 2024 - DUI
DUI programs play a crucial role in addressing driving under the influence (DUI) offenses by focusing on education, rehabilitation, and prevention. These programs are designed to provide information to DUI offenders about the dangers of drunk driving and its societal impact. By participating in DUI education and treatment programs, offenders can work ...
How To Beat a DUI
James Hansen - February 21, 2024 - DUI
Getting arrested for DUI can feel like hitting a dead end, but there are ways to fight back and possibly beat the charge. It starts with understanding the legal process and knowing your rights from the moment of the traffic stop. Strategies like challenging the accuracy of tests and questioning the legality of the stop […]...
Effective DUI Defenses You Can Utilize
James Hansen - February 19, 2024 - DUI
When facing DUI charges, knowing your defense options is crucial. Each case has unique elements; understanding these can significantly impact the outcome. Effective DUI defenses can range from questioning the legality of a traffic stop to challenging the accuracy of breathalyzer tests. With the right approach, it's possible to navigate these challenge...
How Much Does a DUI Cost in Arizona?
James Hansen - February 16, 2024 - DUI
Getting arrested for DUI in Arizona is not just a legal problem; it's also a financial burden. The costs add up right from the moment of arrest and can extend for years after a conviction. These expenses range from immediate costs like bail and legal fees to long-term financial impacts such as increased insurance premiums […]...
How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record in Arizona?
James Hansen - January 25, 2024 - DUI
Dealing with a DUI in Arizona can be a challenging experience. The consequences can last for years and affect various aspects of your life. Understanding how long a DUI stays on your record in Arizona is essential. This knowledge can help you plan for the future and take steps to minimize the impact. At Genesis […]...
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