Arizona Attorney Thomas Hogle

Attorney Thomas Hogle

Principal Attorney
Thomas Hogle is a Principal Attorney at Genesis Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers, a prominent legal firm specializing in providing expert representation in criminal defense and DUI cases. With his role as the owner and principal attorney, Thomas Hogle leads the legal team in delivering dedicated and effective legal services to clients facing criminal charges or DUI allegations.

Genesis Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers offer a comprehensive range of legal services, focusing primarily on criminal defense and DUI defense cases. As the principal attorney, Thomas Hogle brings his extensive legal knowledge and experience to the forefront, ensuring that clients receive skilled representation and guidance throughout their legal proceedings.
In the realm of criminal defense, Thomas Hogle assumes a multifaceted role that encompasses numerous critical responsibilities throughout the progression of a criminal case. Charged with safeguarding the rights of individuals facing criminal allegations, he serves as a steadfast advocate who eloquently represents clients in Surprise, Arizona.

Beyond being a legal representative, a criminal defense lawyer undertakes the task of effectively communicating on behalf of the client. In this pivotal capacity, Thomas Hogle takes the lead in articulating the client's position, ensuring their perspective is heard and understood. Moreover, he engages in crucial negotiations with the prosecution, aiming to secure favorable plea agreements that potentially lead to reduced charges or more lenient penalties.

When circumstances demand, if a plea bargain is not the optimal recourse, the journey may extend to trial. Here, the dynamic shifts to the courtroom, where Thomas Hogle, alongside the defendant, presents the defense's perspective to a judge and jury. This stage involves a meticulous examination of evidence and persuasive arguments, ultimately culminating in the jury's determination of guilt or innocence regarding the charges laid forth. Through his multifaceted expertise and dedication, Thomas Hogle guides his clients through these intricate legal intricacies, ensuring their rights and interests are diligently safeguarded at every step.

Background & Accolades

Chief Justice of Marquette University Law School Moot Court
Regional quarterfinalist of 2000-2001 National Moot Court Competition
Second Place award for Best Legal Brief at Marquette University Law School Moot Court competition
Internship for Federal District Judge Lynn Adelman in the US District Court for the Easter District of Wisconsin
Internship for Milwaukee Country Prosecutor
Insurance Defense Litigation Attorney at Alverson, Taylor, Mortensen, Nelson, and Sanders
Insurance Defense Litigation Attorney at Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard, and Smith

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