Arizona Criminal Speeding Attorney

Criminal Speeding Attorney in Arizona

While most of us probably think of a speeding ticket as nothing more than a slap on the wrist, a criminal speeding ticket can be a lot worse than you may think. In Arizona, a criminal speeding ticket can be issued for anyone going 20 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. A criminal ticket can also be issued when you are traveling faster than 85 miles per hour, regardless of the speed limit. Since excessive speeding can be a misdemeanor crime, speeding laws in Arizona should be taken very seriously.

The majority of speeding tickets are civil violations and carry less severe consequences. Criminal speeding tickets can be issued in several cases including:

  • When your speed exceeds 85 miles per hour
  • When your speed exceeds 45 miles per hour in a residential area where no speed limit is posted
  • When your speed exceeds 35 miles per hour in a school zone.

When you're pulled over for excessive speeding, you could be facing criminal speeding charges. It can affect your ability to drive and if it's not your first time getting a criminal speeding ticket, you could face even more severe penalties.

A criminal speeding charge in Arizona can bring 30 days of jail time and includes up to $500 in fines. Additionally, if you are arrested at the traffic stop, you will have to pay to get your car back. A criminal speeding offense is 3 counts on your license. If you exceed 13 points in a year, your license can be suspended. Aside from the penalties, a criminal speeding charge can also affect your insurance premiums and continue costing you money years down the road.

When faced with a criminal speeding charge, an Arizona defense attorney with experience in traffic law at your side can mean the difference between being charged and serving jail time, or simply being ordered to attend traffic school. The Lawyers at Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers in Arizona are ready to fight for you and help protect your driving rights.

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Client Testimonials

In my experience with lawyers this law firm right here is the best one period, and Thomas Hogle is my guy. Thomas has been there for me on several occasions through the years, and even though i got into trouble many times when i was younger i can say that today i am not considered a criminal and its all thanks to him. He took all my cases seriously and was honest, super patient with me and always a step ahead of everyone, i even learn a thing or two about law with him. This law has young, positive, open minded and full of energy lawyers and i 100% recommend them.
Miguel R.
I can't say enough great things about Thomas. He was extremely helpful with my case and went above and beyond what other attorneys would do. I was referred to Thomas by an associate. When I first called Thomas to discuss my case and ask for his opinion, he spent 15 minutes on the phone with me just answering my questions. I hired him the next day. With Thomas, you actually get an attorney that CARES about you! I would definitely recommend you contact Thomas and his team. You will be glad you did..
Kirk S.
Thomas was amazing with handling my case. It was a more complex than usual case and he was knowledgeable, kind, and got me exactly what I wanted. I would recommend him a hundred times over! He held my hand so to speak, every step of the way. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Canyon state law is hands down the best attorneys office I've ever dealt with. Thank you Thomas!
Sara B.

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