Necessities in Your Domestic Violence Case

Last Modified: February 1, 2024
By: Thomas HogleOctober 26, 2022 |

The United States Constitution has the responsibility of protecting your rights after being charged with domestic violence. These rights include the right to an attorney, the right to appeal, the right not to incriminate yourself, and the right to a public and speedy trial. Not only does your attorney protect your rights but also develops a strong defense for any charges brought against you. Having a skilled attorney at your corner ensures you avoid slip ups that might cost you negatively. Contacting your criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible guarantees the protection of your constitutional rights. For further inquiry about your criminal defense attorney, contact

Task of your defense attorney

Your defense lawyer provides various roles in defending you in a domestic violence case. Firstly, our criminal defense attorneys in Mesa are equipped with Juris Doctorate degrees with vast knowledge and experience in domestic violence cases. Our criminal defense lawyer will speak on behalf of you while covering any loopholes that can run against you.

Charges in domestic violence case

Our criminal defense lawyers have impeccable skills to evaluate your case according to Arizona criteria of determining a felony from a misdemeanor. Your defense attorney will state out all the possible ways your case can go ranging from your current misdemeanor charges for domestic violence. For instance, if you have three misdemeanors within seven years, you will be charged with a felony. In case your case goes to trial, we will offer representation in every step of your case in court.

Period of your charges

We offer perspectives and insights on our client's cases of domestic violence. This includes how long your charges can stay on your record and if your case can be dropped. According to the felony charge against you, domestic violence charges can remain in our record for life. Just like other states, Arizona has its regulations for domestic violence.

Structure of your charges

Domestic violence cases cannot just be dropped at your will since the case is passed that stage in legal representation. This is because the state picks the charges, thus several factors must be considered before being dropped. You can discuss your wish to have the charges brought about your dropped with your attorney, who will advise accordingly. Call our offices at canyon state law for more information about domestic violence charges and representation.

Cost of representation

The services of criminal defense can cost between $150 to $ 700 at an hourly rate. This hourly rate can be relatively high, reaching thousands of dollars. Nonetheless, our company views each case differently, and we try our best to make legal fees affordable for you. With our different pricing structure available at your disposal, you can choose what works for you at a cost-effective budget. These structures include retainers or flat fees, however, having your lawyer on retainer can save you many headaches and money.

Court date expectations

The judge will review your charges in your court hearing, and you will be reminded of your rights. Our criminal defense attorney will also try to negotiate a plea for you and determine bail. The case will continue according to the nature of your charges, nonetheless, your attorney will offer consultation services throughout the case.

Children involvement

In cases where children are involved in domestic violence may affect visitation and custody rights. Our attorneys will advise on your case's dynamics as the involvement of a protective order can affect your case and children significantly.

“Guilty” verdict

Many factors determine the sentencing of a domestic violence case, including one-time charges, evidence in the case, and the nature of your offense. Accordingly, punishment ranges from jail time, fines to counseling. Our lawyers will shed light on the factors that might determine your sentence if found guilty.

”Not guilty” verdict

Once you are involved in a domestic violence case, everything does not merely go back to normal. Even though your verdict is not guilty, the ordeal will impact your life in specific ways. However, having a great legal team beside you is the best weapon when charged with domestic violence charges. Contact us at to ensure your best interest is protected for your case.

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