Category: Criminal Defense

Category: Criminal Defense
Types of Defenses in Criminal Law
James Hansen - June 7, 2024 - Criminal Defense
When you face criminal charges, the defense strategy chosen can seriously impact the outcome of your case. In criminal law, defenses are critical tools to challenge the prosecution's claims and protect your rights. Depending on the the specifics of your case, your criminal defense lawyer might employ various defenses. Understanding these options can e...
Arizona Common Questions About Criminal Defense
Thomas Hogle - January 12, 2024 - Criminal Defense
Facing criminal charges in Arizona can be a daunting experience, filled with uncertainties and questions. It's essential to understand the criminal justice process, your rights, and the steps you should take. Knowledge about the legal system can empower you to make informed decisions. At Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers, we specialize in cri...
Effective Communication with Your Criminal Defense Attorney
Thomas Hogle - March 29, 2023 - Criminal Defense
Hiring a criminal defense attorney in Mesa is the right thing to do, especially if you’re under investigation or have been charged with a criminal offense. Your lawyer will do their best to understand the case, the charges, and how to proceed. However, communication is one of the most important parts of your attorney-client relationship. […]...
Criminal Defense for ASU Students
Thomas Hogle - October 26, 2022 - Blog, Criminal Defense
Joining a university or college signifies newfound freedom for most students. Most students are either resuming classes, and other students are joining campus for the first time. The majority of the students are moving away from home and moving into dorms or apartments. Whenever student s join campus, parents and campus officials always stress the [&h...
How to Identify a Good Criminal Defense Attorney
Thomas Hogle - October 26, 2022 - Criminal Defense
When you find yourself looking for a criminal defense attorney, you can be overwhelmed and reach out to the closest available lawyer. However, this may not be appropriate as attorneys differ in their areas of practice as well as specialization. Attorneys can specialize in different practice areas including probate (wills), property law, civil law, and...
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