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Last Modified: January 30, 2024
Mesa DUI attorney

Facing a DUI charge in Mesa, AZ, can be a stressful experience. At Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers, we specialize in navigating these complex legal waters. Our Mesa DUI attorneys are here to help you understand your rights and the challenges you might face.

Arizona DUI laws are strict, and you need the expertise of a proficient criminal defense attorney to defend you. Our Mesa DUI lawyers have worked with countless drivers who are facing charges of driving under the influence. Now, our experienced Mesa DUI lawyer can fight for you as well.

Learn more about criminal law and DUI charges below. Then, contact us to schedule a free consultation with our Mesa criminal defense lawyers.

Skilled & Experienced Mesa DUI Attorney to Help You Build a Strong Defense

Skilled & experienced Mesa DUI attorney to help you build a strong defense

When you're charged with a DUI, having a DUI defense lawyer by your side is critical. Our Mesa DUI attorneys have years of experience and a deep understanding of Arizona's DUI laws. We know how to navigate the legal system to protect your rights and interests. Our team is dedicated to building a strong defense for each client we represent.

We take a personalized approach to every case. We know that no two DUI cases are the same, and we tailor our defense strategies to ensure you get the strongest possible defense. Our attorneys in Mesa work tirelessly to investigate every aspect of your criminal charges, from the traffic stop to the breathalyzer test. Our Mesa drunk driving attorneys are here to ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves.

Understanding DUI Laws in Mesa, AZ

In Mesa, AZ, DUI laws are strict, and the repercussions of a conviction can be extremely serious. These laws are designed to deter driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Understanding these laws is crucial in building a defense against DUI charges. Our attorneys are well-versed in these laws. We can help clarify the legal issues surrounding your charge.

The Arizona DUI law is defined under ARS 28-1381. It states that it's illegal to drive a vehicle if you are considered "impaired to the slightest degree" by drugs or alcohol. This law covers not just alcohol but also prescription drugs and illegal substances. Our attorneys can explain how this law specifically applies to your case.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Limits

Blood alcohol content (BAC) limits

Understanding BAC limits is essential in a DUI case. In Arizona, the legal BAC limit is 0.08% for standard DUI, but charges can vary based on the BAC level. If your BAC is 0.15% or higher, you could face more severe charges, known as extreme DUI. Our Mesa attorneys can help you understand how BAC levels affect your case.

For commercial drivers, the BAC limit is lower, set at 0.04%. And for drivers under 21, Arizona's zero-tolerance policy means that any detectable amount of alcohol can result in a DUI charge.

Penalties for DUI Offenses

First-Time Offenses

For a first-time DUI offense in Mesa, the penalties are already severe. You will face a fine of at least $1,250 and be required to serve at least 10 days in jail. The impact of these penalties can extend beyond the legal realm, affecting your personal and professional life. Our Mesa attorneys aim to reduce these impacts as much as possible.

If you are charged with extreme DUI, defined as a BAC of 0.15 or higher, then you will be required to serve at least 30 days in jail. The financial penalty is significantly higher as well.

Repeat Offenses

Repeated DUI offenses in Mesa carry more severe penalties. If you're facing a second or subsequent DUI charge, the stakes are higher. A 12-month revocation of your license will be imposed, and you could face a minimum of 90 days in jail, and the fine is $3,000 or more. Keep in mind that the penalties are much higher for a second extreme DUI. Our attorneys understand the serious nature of repeat offenses and provide aggressive representation to protect your rights.

With each subsequent DUI offense, the penalties increase significantly. This escalation in penalties reflects the seriousness with which Arizona treats DUI offenses. Our team works diligently to challenge these repeat offense charges and seek the best possible outcome for our clients.

Aggravating Factors

A handful of aggravating factors can influence the severity of a DUI charge in Mesa:

  • Having a minor in the vehicle at the time of the offense can lead to enhanced penalties.
  • If your BAC is exceedingly high, it can result in harsher consequences.
  • Causing an accident while DUI can significantly increase the severity of the charge.
  • Previous DUI convictions within a certain time frame can escalate the current charge.
  • Refusing a breathalyzer test can lead to automatic license suspension under Arizona's implied consent law.

Understanding these aggravating factors is essential in developing your defense strategy. Our attorneys consider these factors when building your case, working to minimize their impact.

Types of DUI Charges Our Law Firm Handles

Types of DUI charges our law firms handles

Our Mesa DUI attorneys handle a range of DUI charges:

  • Standard DUI cases involving BAC levels of 0.08% or higher.
  • Extreme DUI cases where BAC levels are 0.15% or more.
  • Aggravated DUI cases, including third-time offenses or DUIs while on a suspended license.
  • Underage DUI cases, adhering to Arizona's zero-tolerance policy.
  • DUI cases involving drugs, whether prescription, over-the-counter, or illegal substances.

No matter the type of DUI charge you're facing, our attorneys have the expertise to handle it. We tailor our approach to each specific type of DUI case, ensuring you receive the best possible defense.

What to Do if You Are Arrested for DUI in Mesa, AZ

If you're arrested for DUI in Mesa, it's crucial to know the steps to take:

  1. Remain calm and polite with the arresting officers.
  2. Understand that you have the right to remain silent; use it.
  3. Do not resist arrest, as it can lead to additional charges.
  4. Request to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.
  5. Remember the details of your arrest, as they can be crucial in your defense.
  6. Follow all instructions given by law enforcement.
  7. Contact Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers for representation.

Taking these steps can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Remember, the actions you take immediately after an arrest can be critical to your defense.

The DUI Defense Process

The DUI defense process

A. Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation

At Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers, our first step is an initial consultation and case evaluation. We listen to your account of the arrest, review any documentation, and assess the strength of the prosecution's case against you. This initial assessment is crucial in setting the direction for your defense.

B. Gathering Evidence and Information

Gathering evidence is vital in a DUI case. We collect police reports, witness statements, and any available video footage. This evidence forms the foundation of your defense and is crucial in challenging the prosecution's case.

C. Developing a Defense Strategy

Our attorneys develop a tailored defense strategy based on the specifics of your case. We consider all the evidence, the circumstances of your arrest, and any legal precedents that might apply. This strategy guides our approach throughout the legal process.

D. Court Representation and Negotiations

In court, our attorneys provide skilled representation, advocating for your rights and interests. We also engage in negotiations with prosecutors, seeking plea bargains or reduced charges when appropriate. Our goal is always to secure the best possible outcome for you.

Common Defenses in DUI Cases

In DUI cases, several common defenses can be effective:

Inaccuracies in Breathalyzer or Blood Tests

Challenging the accuracy of breathalyzer or blood tests is a common defense. These tests are not always accurate. A few common issues include improper calibration, incorrect administration, or other factors. Our attorneys scrutinize these tests for any inaccuracies that can be used in your defense.

Violation of Rights During the Arrest Process

If your rights were violated during the arrest process, it could impact the case. This includes unlawful stops or searches and failure to read Miranda rights. Our attorneys are vigilant in identifying any such violations that could work in your favor.

Faulty Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests are often subjective and can be unreliable. We challenge the validity of these tests, especially if they were conducted under less-than-ideal conditions or administered improperly.

Challenging the Reliability of the Arresting Officer's Testimony

The arresting officer's testimony is not always infallible. We critically examine their account of the events, looking for inconsistencies or inaccuracies that can be used to strengthen your defense.

Legal Options and Consequences

Legal option and consequences

A. Potential Plea Bargains

Plea bargains can be a viable option in some DUI cases. Our attorneys negotiate with prosecutors to reach an agreement that can result in reduced charges or penalties. We carefully consider the specifics of your case before advising on a plea bargain.

B. Driver's License Suspension and Reinstatement

A DUI conviction often leads to driver's license suspension. We guide you through the process of suspension and reinstatement, ensuring you understand each step and your responsibilities.

C. Mandatory Alcohol Education and Treatment Programs

Participation in alcohol education and treatment programs is often a requirement in DUI cases. Our attorneys help you navigate these requirements, ensuring that you fulfill all court-mandated obligations.

D. Fines, Probation, and Jail Time

DUI convictions can result in fines, probation, and even jail time. Our attorneys work to minimize these penalties, advocating for alternatives like community service or probation when possible.

How Our Mesa DUI Lawyer Can Assist You

A. Legal Expertise in DUI Cases

Our Mesa DUI attorneys bring extensive legal expertise to every case. We stay updated on all changes in DUI laws and use this knowledge to strengthen your defense. Our team knows how to interpret complex legal language and apply it effectively to your situation. We're committed to using our legal expertise to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome.

B. Understanding Local Court Procedures

Navigating local court procedures is a key part of our service. Our attorneys are familiar with Mesa's courts and know how to maneuver within this system effectively. We understand the nuances of local regulations and use this insight to benefit your case. This local knowledge can often be the difference between a good and a great defense strategy.

C. Building a Strong Defense Strategy

Examining the Arrest Process

Our first step is often to examine the arrest process in detail. We look for any procedural errors or violations of your rights. This can include how sobriety tests were conducted or how the arrest was made. Any irregularities can be crucial in building your defense.

Challenging Evidence

We scrutinize all evidence presented against you. This includes breathalyzer results, officer testimony, and any video footage. We question the reliability and validity of this evidence. Our goal is to find weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Exploring Legal Loopholes

We also explore legal loopholes that could benefit your case. This might involve interpreting laws in a way that favors your situation or using lesser-known legal precedents. Our attorneys are skilled at finding and using these loopholes to your advantage.

Build a Solid Case Strategy With Mesa DUI Attorneys | Call Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers Today!

Build a solid case strategy with Mesa DUI attorneys

If you're facing DUI charges in Mesa, AZ, it's crucial to have a solid legal strategy. At Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers, we're ready to offer you the robust defense you deserve. Our team combines legal expertise, local court experience, and strategic defense tactics to fight for your rights. We understand your stress and uncertainty and are here to guide you through every step of this challenging journey. 

Contact us today for expert Mesa DUI Attorney legal support.

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